Currently I am a Systems Design Engineer on Sledgehammer Games' Multiplayer Design Team. I have shipped an AAA title with EA (The Sims 4), worked on the Halo 5: Guardians engineering team and have shipped software services around gaming (New Xbox One Experience, Halo Channel).

I makes games for two reasons:

  1. To give back to games in return for what they have given me
  2. To make players think and challenge what they currently believe

I am a "Meticulous Devsigner". I am torn between my love of programming and passion for game design. I can't help but code with an exceptional focus on what the end experience is for the gamer. My highly interdisciplinary education at Carnegie Mellon University helped me develop a well-rounded view of the technical, artistic, and interaction elements of a game - I'm a person who can understand the tradeoffs across those areas and help make decisions that provide the best player experiences.

I have made direct, shipping contributions to major franchises like The Sims and Halo and to major gaming systems like the Xbox One. I understand the challenges associated with shipping top tier games/products to millions of gamers.


I am a cynical idealistic hipster, a disagreeable giver, and a self-loathing narcissist. I currently live in the
San Francisco Bay Area, but before I lived in Seattle, Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I enjoy going to obscure concerts where no one knows how to dance. I've run a marathon without training and would not recommend it. My favorite tv/film genres are: Noir, Western, War, and not made in the U.S. I consider smoothies to be a separate food group. I don't drink, but I could down more ginger beer than you. And I drive a tiny robin's egg blue car named Luna.