Massive Entertainment


Game Designer

In August 2018 I moved to Malmö, Sweden to work at Massive Entertainment on Tom Clancy's The Division 2. I’ll be helping design and implement the game’s various combat AI.


Sledgehammer Games

JULY 2018 TO AUGUST 2018

Senior Systems Designer

MAY 2016 TO JUNE 2018

Systems Designer

While on SHG's multiplayer design team, I shipped Call of Duty: WWII. I developed the initial pitch for a new loadout system (Divisions) and led the feature from concept to completion. During Live Ops, I drove an overhaul of Divisions to rebalance & refresh core gameplay. Post-release I also designed new Divisions to keep the game fresh and respond to fan feedback. I was responsible for the player respawning system, which statstically had the best results of any Call of Duty. Lastly, I represented the SHG MP Team at Press & Community Events and Esports Tournaments.



JUNE 2015 TO APRIL 2016

Software Development Engineer

While at Xbox, I worked on the console's dashboard (how you launch games, connect with friends, buy from the store, etc.). In November 2015, I shipped the New Xbox One Experience to over 15 million consoles. During Winter 2015, I independently prototyped a feature that fans craved, successfully pitched it to stakeholders and developed a system robust enough to pass technical reviews. In Spring 2016, I improved features I owned via monthly updates, and made key contributions towards allowing for a game to be bought once and played on both Xbox and PC.


343 Industries


Software Development Engineer

One of my main contributions to the Halo Channel was linking the Netflix-style video app to the game
Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This allowed Halo TV shows to launch into campaign missions or competitive playlists that related to the current on-screen content. On Halo 5: Guardians' campaign engineering team, I created a framework to allow AI units to use the game's new spartan abilities. If you see one of your squadmates in the campaign Shoulder Bash a grunt or Evade a grenade thrown by an elite, I helped make that happen.




Gameplay UI Programmer

I revamped how information about Sims' relationships is shown to a player in The Sims 4. Specifically what info players see when Sims have conversations, or when they mouse-over a Sim for selection. Systems I developed were used for the implementation of menus to view all of a Sim's relationships. Additionally during a game jam, I successfully pitched and implemented an in-game dinosaur toy with an entirely new set of interactions from other Sims titles. This easter egg caught fans' imaginations when found in the released game.


Since: 2007

MacKenzie Bates

Since: 1993