Power Trip: A Study of the Violence in GTA V

How does the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, a series littered with controversy over violence, sex, racism, sexism, drunk-driving, marijuana-use, torture, etc. reach such mainstream appeal and how is it affecting society? How is violence portrayed in the game?

Trapped in My Mind

A mod of the classic game Block Breaker. You are surrounded by blocks. You can only destroy blocks of the same color as your ball, change the ball color by hitting it with a different side of the paddle. Protect your "health blocks" that are in the center of the screen. Lose them all and you fall back a level.

Playtesting Workshops

Workshops that hope to give students a clear picture of what playtesting is and how it is used in game design and in the game industry.

MacKenzie Bates (itbmac) is a part of the CMU HCI research team that is creating these workshops and he created the project's website.

Retro Outside. Modern Inside: The GCS Arcade Cabinet

In this paper the plans for the creation of the GCS Arcade Cabinet, history of arcade cabinets in America and Japan and GCS's culture are all explored in depth with the end goal of discovering the hoped for long-term affects of the GCS Arcade Cabinet project.